Seth Reiser is a New York based lighting designer working in theatre, dance, and music.   

Seth’s interest in light comes from the extraordinary effect that the environment surrounding an event or story has in shaping our understanding of it in the un/natural world. Seth is interested in framing and telling stories. His work is characterized by an elemental approach to light through simplicity, constrained color palettes, and the use of space and scenery to create textures and focal interest.    

Favorite designs include: VIETGONE, directed by May Adrales; HAIR, directed by Kevin Moriarty; MATTHEW PASSION, directed by Peter Sellars; COME & BACK AGAIN, with David Dorfman Dance; KING LEAR, directed by Kevin Moriarty; THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY OF STEVE JOBS, by Mike Daisey, directed by Jean Michele Gregory; RADIO PLAY, directed by Kip Fagan; THE WHALE, directed by Hal Brooks; BLACK SNOW, directed by Mikhael Garver; THE LILY'S REVENGE, by Taylor Mac; MIDDLEMEN, directed by Josie Whittlesey. 

Seth holds an MFA in design from NYU’s Tisch School of Design for Stage and Film, and a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University where he studied theatre, philosophy, and the fine arts.

Seth lives in Rochester and Brooklyn, NY with his wife Mary and their beautiful children Marion and Wyatt.


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